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     Welcome to my website, my name is Kevin Wildermuth. Feel free to browse my content and gauge a perspective of my knowledge and services. My expertise lies in custom website design, online marketing, search engine optimization, and business graphics. For more information on the services listed above, check out my company ProMarketMe INC.

About Me

      At a young age, it was always my dream to execute entrepreneurship as a full time career. Growing up in the suburbs I developed a strong work ethic maintaining neighbor’s properties by performing odd jobs such as, lawn maintenance and pressure washing. Accomplishing these task has taught me a very valuable lesson in discipline which I carry every day in my adulthood life.

     After High School, “a few bumps in the road”, and me working in a warehouse full time for three years, a life changing moment occurred. Late one night, an idea sprung into my head it consisted of developing a website that tied together and helped network the extreme sport’s community. Determined, I beganKevin Wildermuth teaching myself HTML and CSS thus creating my first beta website called It wasn’t pretty, practically built with a mass amount of tables and embedded videos but it was functional. Seeing my ideas turn into reality was a very motivating and life changing experience. Although, learning the basics around web development consisted of long sleepless nights, I fell in love with the motions.

     Currently I am attending college and continuing to advance my skills in the latest website and mobile programming techniques. I enjoy working with code as well as with graphics to produce an overall custom design. The creativity and limitless behind the possibility to create whatever you want continues to intrigue and entice me to learn. Currently I am focusing my attention towards my company ProMarketMe INC. Here is where I get to focus on my passion, while producing an income, releasing my creativity, and helping my clients achieve the satisfaction of experiencing their ideas come to reality.


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